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Blu & Lisa Blog

Welcome to our family of blogs. Pretty soon – well in about 5-6 years – the littlest member of our family may join our blogs too.

Blu, a winner and competitor of U.S. National, Junior National and International championships who was at one time an Olympic level athlete blogs about his efforts to get back into shape and maybe even compete again. He is the founder of ProLine Sports Nutrition & Equipment, an online provider of endurance sports supplements and sports equipment.

Blu’s better half, Lisa, blogs about life after the addition to our family of a little boy with a very big voice. She is a marketer, marathoner and mom who enjoys travel, cooking, entertaining and a good bottle of wine.

Together, Blu & Lisa enjoy the highs and lows and insanity of family life & owning our own business.


travel, running, marketing, marathons, cooking, parenting, martial arts ( taekwondo )