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August 31, 2006


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Greg Quadrini

I just finished my 3rd Chicago Marathon on October 22nd! This year I decided to incorporate some endurance enhancing supplements into my training - and chose First Endurance's Optygen. Below is a quick journal of my experience...

Week 3 - Started my loading phase, and really had no noticeable changes in my training or endurance - recovery was quick with almost no soreness or fatigue. (Please note: the training at this point is less than 20 miles per week, so this would indicate that I was not over training and not experiencing any running related injuries).

Week 6 – Now, well into the program finishing a 10 mile run before a comparative "rest" week as part of my second "step-back." Feeling great and noticed a new desire to "finish strong" at the end of my runs. This may be a result of good training and rest... although I found myself really picking up the pace in the last 4-5 minutes. (Looking back - showing good endurance for this mileage)

Week 8 - NEW JOB... Missed almost 2 weeks of training and did not take any supplements during my transition for my new role. A few 5-6 mile runs were squeezed in - however, training suffered and most likely will have an effect on my race.

Week 11 - After running 10 miles and attempting to step up my training, I start my "Load Phase" of Optygen. I feel sluggish and am reaping the benefits of work-related meetings, all day seminars, and late night networking events over the last 3 weeks... It was time to get back on the training program!

Week 13 - Started the week with a "step-back" 12 mile run... leading into an 18 mile run on the following weekend. Given the lack of training, I feel good at mile 9 as I head back home… And then I hit a wall - finishing the 18 miles was painful begin to feel that the training thus far was not adequate. My recovery from the 18 mile run was noticeably fast given how I was feeling during the last 3 miles. The next long run is in 2 weeks and will test my strength and endurance. I commit to ease off on the work related entertainment and late hours and begin to focus on diet / training.

Week 15 - Feel rested and with all midweek runs behind me (totaling 20 miles) I head into my 20 mile long run. I will have 40 miles logged this week! Get an early jump on the run and find that I am running strong through the first 10 miles... As I approach 15, I begin to think of the wall I hit during my last run and begin to feel even more strength as I run through 18 to the finish. Now I am begin to look forward to the marathon and can only hope I have trained well enough as I begin my taper... Recovery for the 20 mile run is fast – I feel great and golf 18 holes that afternoon!

Week 18 - Weather begins to change and some forecasts are calling for snow on race day... not to far-fetched given we do live in Chicago! With the change in the weather – it is important to stay healthy… sneezing and coughing are everywhere as there is a definite cold virus spreading through the office! - I load up on everything to avoid getting sick... feel I had dodged the worst - only battling a slight variety of the cold, I don't think it will have an impact on race day...

Race day - Rain changing to sleet / snow mix at race time... we also experience wind gusts of 30-35 mph throughout the course. On that note, I can only say that this was a new experience to run in these conditions... Overall - not too bad, but not as good as the 2 years prior! Race begins and I am pacing well ahead of my prior marathon – in fact, I am on pace to finish 15-20 minutes ahead of my personal best! I feel strong passing through the halfway marker and feel the adrenaline as we begin to head out west of the city. Approaching Chinatown (mile 20), I start to feel tightness in my knee - something I felt my first year running the marathon... I pass some friends cheering me on and try to ingest some banana to maybe help with the pain and cramping affecting my legs... Needless to say – Mentally, I am feeling strong and am determined to run to the finish! This is where you begin to think about the 2 marathons people speak of… the first 20 miles – and the second marathon - the last 6.2! I begin to notice that I have not trained to the level I could have… Although, I do make the most of it – I slow my pace and focus on finishing... As we make the last turn up the hill I get an adrenaline rush and begin to sprint to the finish... well - it is what I call a sprint! I finished the marathon in a reasonable time of 3:50 (10 minutes behind my personal best).

My recovery was fast this year – which is surprising given the soreness I felt during the last 6 miles… I believe this is the one of the benefits of Optygen! I am more determined than I have ever been to complete several marathons in the next year – the Napa Valley Marathon, Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon, and once again the Chicago Marathon! We are working on combining Optygen with another supplement, we have heard this has been beneficial and will report back on the results…

I would like to end my Chicago Marathon journal with this – “there is no substitute for training!” This was my biggest challenge and I will need to prioritize my training schedule for my upcoming races.

Erica Cupuro

Last year I did my first triathlon and used Optygen to help me with my training. I felt good, but had a bit of trouble taking all those pills during the "loading" phase. I didn't know how much the optygen was aiding my training or how much was a psychological edge. Whatever it was.. I want it back.

I ran the Chicago Distance Classic a few weeks ago in the humidity and was not using any supplements -- I felt like crap. A few months prior, I had a PR at the MiniIndi half marathon and recovered with no problems thanks to the use of Optygen and Acid Zappers.

I just got my new bottle of Optygen and am ready to start the "load" phase as I hit the heavy mileage for my Marine Corp Marathon at the end of October. I will also be trying the effects of Sports Legs!

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