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August 20, 2007


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Erica Cupuro

When I first started running I thought it was going to be an inexpensive sport until I realized the need for special socks, special shoes, and most importantly dri-wick shirts. I will never go back to cotton! My husband even transferred over to dri-fit polos for golf, tennis, and a night out. Needless to say we are sold on the fabric. Now the problem is that the shirts are so good at soaking the sweat off of our bodies, but there is no release point. Unfortunately, that means the odor is trapped in our shirts forever. Even after a washing, our clothes can remind us of our last activity--not the way I would like to be reminded (they say smell is our strongest memory link). Since I have already made such an investment in my clothes I hardly want to toss them all, so my cheap self decided to take a leap of faith and try out a new detergent that claims to get the smell out of sports clothing. I'm typically not much of a believer of much, but WIN Detergent has made a convert out of me. I love it! The small price of the bottle is worth hanging onto my workout attire! I may even try it on my daughter's clothes -- she is in the middle of toilet training. What a memorable smell that is!

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