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November 11, 2007


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FRS Energy for Athletic Performance
Optimize Athletic Performance with FRS Energy!
FRS Energy Athletic Performance Benefits:

* B Vitamins For Optimized Energy along with herbal formula with time-released energy for stronger workouts.
* Amino Acid Stack for Muscular Regeneration, Protein Synthesis, and Recovery
* Herbal Supplement Blend Promotes Increased Metabolism, Fat Burning, Recovery, and Mental Clarity
* White Willow Bark Extract Combats Joint / Muscular Pain and Inflammation

Whether you're a 'Weekend Warrior', Semi-Pro or Professional Athlete - if you're serious about taking your performance to the next level - FRS Energy delivers the nutrients you need in a delicious, fast acting, long lasting formula that's convenient to carry - anywhere . . . Just mix with water, shake, and enjoy!

Strenuous exercise produces an increase in oxygen consumption in muscular tissues. Unfortunately, as oxygen use increases so does free radical production. Free radicals are the number one cause of decreased athletic performance, recovery time, cellular death, and pre-mature aging. To combat this damage, FRS Energy provides a plentiful source of nutrients, hydration, and anti-oxidants.

The ideal diet for the athlete throughout history remains quite controversial. One common trait however remains consistent; the additional stress combined with today's poor nutrient food source value requires an athlete to seek pure forms of essential nutrient supplementation.

FRS Energy synergistically combines nature's most powerful antioxidants, vitamins and herbal supplements into our Proprietary Energy Formula that provides you the essential nutrients, amino acids, and metabolic enhancers required for optimal energy delivery and continual free radical protection.

Supporting your body's internal free radical scavenger system with high levels of antioxidants in your diet is critical, particularly as you age or perform intense exercise.

FRS Energy's antioxidant formula continually combats Free Radical Damage.

Free Radicals are scientifically documented to negatively impact Athletic Performance on multiple fronts:

• Lack of Energy & Fatigue
A high rate of free radical production interferes with your body’s ability to produce energy efficiently by damaging cell mitochondria - small membrane-enclosed regions that produce the chemicals cells use for energy - thereby contributing to fatigue & lack of energy.

• Muscle Fatigue, Damage & Soreness
Free radicals are believed to contribute to muscle fatigue, exercise-induced muscle injury, inflammation and soreness in athletes (Powers and Lennon 1999; Powers, DeRuisseau et al. 2004). Exercise, though healthy in many ways, is known to dramatically increase the amount of free radicals generated by your body.

• Pre-Mature Aging
Free radical damage is now believed to be associated with most chronic disease processes, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, and DNA damage leading to mutations and some types of cancer. Today, the most widely accepted model of the aging process is cumulative cell damage caused by free radicals.

Don't let fatigue, lack of energy, and soreness impact your performace!

Erica Cupuro

It's Memorial Day Weekend. The Soldier Field 10-Miler and the Bike the Drive make a great duo of events for a weekend warrior. We added to our weekend rituals with our own endurance activity. To save in paying parking twice we walked from Millenium Park to Little Italy carrying a 56 pound 7-year-old and a 34 pound 3-year-old. We were dressed for the Lake Effect Breeze but endured the Expressway Blast. I was wearing a bra-tank that I exposed because I was hot but maybe I was secretly hoping to get picked up as a hitch-hiker. Of course, once we got to our destination, I had to have a few frosty beverages to rehydrate. Here it is Monday when I am typically exhausted from my kids, my athletic endeavors, and my favorite sport of 12-ounce curls; and I am fully recovered from the weekend (with an extra day to spare). I think I have Replacement Fuel to thank. I have been taking it for a month now to help my summer season of triathlons. At first trying to down 10 pills a day seemed like an event in and of itself, but once I got used to it I don't know what I'd do without it. I work in the schools, and from Spring break to this time of the year, everyone has been sick at least with one bad cold. I have not even had a sniffle. My immunity and energy is up 100%. I give this new product a thumbs up.

ProLine Sports Nutrition

Erica is referring to a new endurance supplement called "Runner's Pulse Maintenance"

Created specifically for runners, RPM contains essential ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, our proprietary adaptogenic blend (Cordyceps sinesis mycelia extract, Ciwuja root extract, Rhodiola rosea root extract and Panax ginseng root extract) , Glucosamine, and Celadrin. This powerful combination drastically improves and maintains your body's energy, endurance, and health while you run, after you run, and all day, every day.

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