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September 24, 2009


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are first endurance just making the efs prototype in grape flavor or others also. any idea when they might be adding new efs liquid shot flavors also?

thanks in advance


The new EFS prototype drink is awesome and cant wait for this to come out. The people over at 1st Endurance sent me a container of the grape flavor as well. This stuff mixes like no other poweder drink mix out there including hammer heed and thbe taste is great. Super!

Robert Kunz

First Endurance is testing a Grape, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime and Orange. All will replace the current EFS drinks and flavors.


Curious if anyone else has had a chance to try the new drink mix and if there was more feedback on it

Alex H. Oceanside, CA

The first endurance efs prototype drink taste was pretty strong and not recognizeable meaning that it didn't taste like any familiar flavor, which made it a curious experience trying to place what exactly the flavor was. Overall it performed well in function, clear electrolyte boost without any need for other supplements and instantly mixed up well in the bottle. It just had a strong undeciferable flavor which was the only downside, but could be easily fixed.

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