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January 13, 2010


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so who are the people that really benefit from optygen or any other endurance for that matter. As I understand the only people that truely benefit are those that are or have peaked their endurance threshold and are looking for slight edge.

Conversly a buddy of mine is a cat 2 cyclist (nothing special I guess) doeasn't train like a pro or anything and he claims optygen definitley gives him a bump in the right direction. I just know. I've tried a few others that are less expensive but how do you really know they are working. I'm not a traditional endurance athlete but feel like any athlete could use these supplements if they help. At what cost though?

Curious to hear from some true "endurance athletes" that are competitive and use endurance and recovery supplements on a regular basis.

maybe I'm crazy


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I am running an 800 meter race for a charity event - I am 50 years of age and have trained hard. What would be the best supplement to take before the race - I am trying to break 2:30. If you have any suggestions that would be very helpful.


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