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May 14, 2010


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Charles Ross

I will be competing in the Etape du Tour in France on July 16 or 17. I am doing medium to long distance rides of between 50-100 miles.

John Rowland

My wife and I plan on doing at least one century bike ride this year. We have been long time opt users - great recovery tool for the long training rides in preparation as well as the actual recovery from the event.

catherine freck

I am training through my midlife to compete against women 1/2 my age in the exciting world of Bicycle Racing. I am a cat 3 Road, crit and circuit racer at the race age of 51.
My personal goal and dream would be to win Nationals in my age group. I started taking Optygen HP at the beginning of my race season and will continue through my national competition on Aug. 2010 So far my results in racing have put me always in the top 5 places against races of 123 categories. Wish me luck because I believe through hard effort training and Optygen HP I will succeed. catherine

Vance McMurry

I am no seasoned athlete, however, I am training for one of the toughest mountain bike races in the country, The Breckenridge 100. Last year, only 8% of the sport (non-professional) riders finished the race.

When I was 18, I completed the Hawaii Ironman. Watching Dave Scott go by was an incredible inspiration. Later in my life, I began ultra running. During this time, I complete countless 50 and 100 mile ultra marathons. At this time, I am into endurance mountain biking. Last year, I attempted the Breckenridge 100 and did not finish by missing the cutoff time by 45 minutes to begin the last section. Since then, I have trained like never before to complete this race.

Most folks from Colorado say take your time from the Leadville 100 and multiply it by 1.5 or 2 and that is your Breck time. So, I have a huge mountain to climb being from Texas. Last month, I was able to get in 504 miles on my mountain bike. This month will yield close to 650 miles. There is an incredible mix of speed work and hill climbs, which when coupled with my excruciating core workouts have gotten me in the best shape of my life. I am lighter, stronger and faster than I have ever been. It is amazing to look back at what I have done at nearly 41 years old to get to where I am. This season, I raced in 3 races. In the last two, I finished tenth overall and third in my age group. This is the best I have ever done.

Essential to my training has been thousands of dollars of First Endurance products. Multi V, Optygen and Ultragen. The performance difference without these products is unlike anything I have ever experienced. They open the door to a new level of performance that is a joy to experience.

I am confident that with my training and First Endurance products, I will finish the Breckenridge 100.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Kenny Lu

I'm running North Olympic Discovery Marathon in beautiful Washington state http://www.nodm.com/ on June 6; it will be my first marathon. I've been taking Optygen HP for almost 4 months now and I'm definitely seeing significant improvement in terms of overall endurance and ability to deal with muscle fatigue. After June 6, I will resume my Tri training, mainly focus on Sprint and Olympic distance tri events. I'm working my way to 70.3 Ironman. Juggling among work, family and weekend chores; finding time to run, bike and swim is never easy. I'm so glad that there is a product (i.e. Optygen) out there that is absolutely legal, dependable and works tremendously well to maximize my potentials.

Justin Sorber

I'm doing the Muncie Endurathon this year and it will be my first 70.3 race. I'm doing a lot of miles on the bike and racing every weekend as well.

Miguel Ramos

I have 14 races this season, all triathlons and duathlons, all distances.....the big race will be Ironman Louisville...., I always use Optygen HP and E.F.S., and wow!!!! is real good.

Austin Jackson

I have always dreamed of and am training to podium in my Age Group at both HalfMax Long Distance Triathlon Championship and the ClearWater 70.3 World Championship. I have the unique challenge of preparing while being deployed all the up until my first event in September, but the sport of Triathlon, as well as my job, have taught me to adapt and capitalize on everything available in order to be successful. I've used Optygen before and truly believe in the benefits of it which is why I will use it again to prepare for my "A" race!

Rachel jones

As a nutrition prof. I want to be an example to my students (and seven kids) so I'm signed up for two half ironmans. I skiied almost every day this winter which led to a new ski racing adventure. Who knows, maybe you can decide that even at 43, taking up new challenges is as fun as it was at 23!


Lew Gaskell

My target race this year is the Colorado State Time Trial Championship. This 38K is always a tough race and with the low oxygen, elite level athletes and long rolling course. I am looking for any gains for a better finish this year and to beat my friends. They have noticed I ride stronger for Crits, TTs and road races. I spend tons on equipment but it is the motor that counts the most! So this Optygen HP cheap in comparison to that with a noticeable improvement.

Ruthie Shapiro

I am aiming for the Bear Lake Brawl triathlon in Bear Lake UT in August; 2 years ago, I had a horrible wreck on my bike during a race - a week+ in the hospital, multiple fractures and surgeries, etc. Ever since, I cannot ride in a pack and have really missed racing w/ my team but, most of all, my teammates. After the wreck, I began swimming for rehab. and finally got back on the bike, but pretty much riding on my own. A friend suggested trying a triathlon and I am - totally renewed enthusiasm and really great have a goal. If all goes well in August, I will aim for a 1/2 Ironman next year. . . . fingers crossed my body holds out b/c I am really enjoying the training . . .

Jason Shanahan

This August I will compete in the Leadville 100 mile race across the sky. While I have several marathons under my belt, this will be the furthest distance I have ever attempted to run. The event not only challenges runners with the extreme distance, but competitors must also deal with extreme eleveations of up to 12,600 feet. It should make for a great adventure!

Terance Tashiro

Wow! I am impressed by everyone's goals in this post. Although my goal is so much simpler than the athletes above, it is challenging myself that I am excited about. I have committed to complete the upcoming 2010 Disneyland 1/2 Marathon and 2011 Los Angeles Marathon. I am 51 years old and have never run more than 20 minutes on a treadmill in my life. I have been diligent in following my training program for 5 weeks now and look forward to running some local 5 & 10K runs as preparation for these events. Whatever your goals, best of luck to all and thank you Proline for keeping me on track!

Chris von Ahnen

This year I am racing Mt Washington NH. The last time I rode the race was in 2008. Several weeks after the 2008 race I received a phone call I never expected, my physician said "Chris you have cancer". I was shocked. How could I have cancer? I just finished what many consider the hardest hill climb in the world and now I have cancer? After my consultation with my doctor we planned a course of treatment. He advised me that I may never ride a bike the way I used to. Well to make a long story short, I've beaten cancer and now I am ready to take on Mt Washington again. I have something to prove and that is you don't have to be Lance to beat cancer, an average Joe can do it too. This August I plan to hammer up to the summit of Mt Washington yelling "F%*# Cancer" as loud as I can!

Lisa Bialecki

I'm with you Chris! I'm hoping to yell "F%*# Cancer" as I finish the Chicago Marathon this year. It's my first marathon since having kids -- my last was in 2004. I'm running in support of Prentice Women's Hospital and in memory of my mom, who died from breast and ovarian cancer in June 2009.

I'm about to run my second half marathon this year (Highland Park) and no matter how crappy I feel during training, I know that chemo was way crappier. I have to tell you though, training with a jogging stroller allowed me to get my PR for a half in April -- even though I'm 20 lbs heavier. Plus, she cheers!

jose mario t.

trying to break a national record of mile and 3000 meters. i`m preparing this for almost a year.

Lloyd Eldredge

My wife and I have 19 Ironman finishes between us, so we've be in triathlon for a long time. We had planned to do a number of triathlons this year together. However, I have developed severe Achilles tendonitis, and haven't been able to run for a couple of months. It's clearing up, so I'm now entered into a race in August I haven't ever been able to do due to conflicts in other years. It's call BAM (The Battle at Midway Triathlon, featured in this month's Triathlete Mag). I'm pretty stoked, especially since I thought my season was toast. I'm water running, and doing a lot of riding and swimming. I get to start back on the roads next week, so I'm pretty excited... just need to keep my enthusiasm in check, so I don't overdo, and flare it up again!

Breck Adams

I am an older cyclist in my late 60's and just went through heart bypass surgery. I have terrible genes from my immediately family and thanks to my efforts to live a healty life and modern medicine I can now set a goal of participating in a 150 mile M.S.ride in September. I have done this ride for the past 5 years and with the help of First Endurance products along with Optygen, which I have been taking for 3 years, it helps me to that finish line.,

Dennis Melowski

Buffalo Springs 70.3 on June 27 in Lubbock, Texas, is my "A" race. It is considered a half-ironman "classic" and is one of the more challenging races at that distance in North America. I'm aiming to qualify for Hawaii there, since it has a handful of slots. Although I have qualified for Hawaii before, it has always been through competing in a full Ironman race. Qualifying at a half is much more difficult due to the limited number of slots, so you essentially have to win your age group. I'll need all the Optygen HP I can get!

Stephen Fullerton

My first triathlon this year will be the Crystal River Sprint here in Fla. Nothing special here but it will be roughly six months since I raced in the Miami Man Half and 6 days later did the Horrible 100 in November.

At that time I was on my last bottle of Opt HP and just started working on opening up my own bike shop. My riding dropped way off for a few months and in April when I cranked back up I quickly found out how key Opt HP is to my success. Ability, recover, conditioning are all enhanced with this product.

Now that my shop is up and running I fully intend to start carrying the product.

Bill Richards

I turned 60 in April and wanted to celebrate it in a special way. I am now 200 miles into a 620+ ride from Front Royal, VA to the Sugarlands Visitor Center near Gatlinburg, TN. We are linking Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway (including an ascent of Mt. Mitchell), and the road from Cherokee to Gatlinburg through the Smokies including Clingman's Dome. I am a regular Optygen user on these long trips and it helps me keep up with guys 20 years younger than me.

Ken Gallardo

This season I've made the road racing upgrade from Cat 3 to Cat 2 and I'm preparing for the Mt Hood Stage race June 2-6. This will be my first 6-stage race and the "easiest" day will be the prologue. After that, every stage has climbing, with the penultimate day being the Wy'East road race - 100 miles and 10,500 ft of climbing. I've been using EFS energy drink and Ultragen recovery drink as an integral part of my training. Optygen allows me to recover after a hard workout and go out the next day and do it all over again.


We love to hear stories about cancer getting kicked in the ass. It's personal here too.

Steven Boughter

My son's good friend was diagnosed with cancer, and they put together a cycling team to raise money. I've joined the team and particpiated in the Lance Armstrong Philadelphia 70 mile challenge last August. This year we are doing 100! At 57, this is quite a personal challenge as well!

Rob Toren

I had intended to do my 5th RAMROD in WA (Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day) on my 61st birthday. Alas, I'm facing a discectorm for nasty herniated disk. (Please no advice about avoiding surgery. Know the risks, etc.) But I'm hoping for a speedy recover AND doing RAMROD next summer, putting in base miles as soon as I can after surgery, likely in two weeks.

Michael Fee

I've ridden the White Rim trail three times before -- over three or two days. It's a 100-mile mountain bike loop in Canyonlands National Park in Utah -- just spectacular. This year, in honor of my 40th birthday, I'll ride it alone, in one day. I'll bring along my video camera and record some shout-outs to friends and family who have supported me through the years. And hopefully I'll have enough water to get me through it1


I am competing in my second Ironman event in early September and the first since the official start of the family.

Since the last event, we have expanded by three (ages 6, 4 and 11 months) and started my own business. I need all the help I can get!

Doing the event to show the kids that all is achievable if you work hard and want it bad enough.


I would like to compete in the Athens to Atlanta road skate (87 miles) event this October, www.a2a.net. I have done this event for the last 3 years but this year it's a big question mark. A month ago I had a bad crash on my bike and broke my left femur near the hip joint. This required having the ball replaced -- a partial hip replacement. Doc says 12 weeks before starting cycling or skating again, so I'm not sure if I can get back in proper condition in time for this grueling event.

mike ray

for my 40 b-day this year. swimming around key west swim, doing leadville 100 and the nyc marathon. times will be as follows- finish under 7 hrs,belt buckle, and have a good time.

Owen Ransom

I'm celebrating the completion of my PhD by competing in some ultra marathon distance MTB events while simultaneously trying to climb the road racing ladder. First endurance products allow my busy life to continue unimpeded.

Jennifer Stabrylla

aloha - this year i am celebrating my big 50th birthday by swimming the ocean channel from the island of lana'i to maui, hawaii. 15 km. this is an organized race, the MAUI CHANNEL SWIM, and is usually swum by 6-swimmer relay teams. i will be swimming the SOLO division. i am training like a fiend both in the pool with a master's swim team and in the ocean off waikiki, mostly by myself. am currently at about 22 km per week, but will beef it up a bunch by the middle of summer. the race is labor day weekend. i am fond of 1st endurance products on the bike, and will be testing all of them on long swims, now.

Jennifer Droke

I have been running marathons for 6 years & competing in triathlons for 3 but only started taking Optygen HP last month. Already took 2 minutes off my 5K! In a month! I have several races this year, but really want to take some time off my 1/2 IM this season. Keep training everyone!

armand rodrigue

i am currently training for a 62 mile road race cycling around quabbin resevoir . it is a very hill race with lots of climbs . cramping is usualy an issue so i am using the electrolyte drink mix to help prevent this . my goal is to finish in the main group in cat. 4


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