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May 05, 2010


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ProLine Sports utrition

XOOD is quite possibly one of the cleanest, lightest tasting drink mixes we've tried.


Google Checkout - Google is the worst service available when it comes to using an alternate when checking out online. Not only do they not support the consumer, but when there is a serious breakdown with the communication of proper and correct information they should be providing it's the merchant that really takes the brunt.

Google has forced many of us into their bed in one form or another. Where they are most flawed is when is comes to servicing the customer whether your a consumer or a merchant - using AdWords or Google Checkout or AdSense or any of their services - THEY ABSOLUTELY FAIL WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

There is no service when you can hide behind an email spewing canned answers from half way around the world. If you're a merchant and are considering adding Google Checkout as an option for your buyers we suggest taking a long hard look. Amazon may be the better option because if there is a problem at least you can pick up the phone and call someone.

Google Checkout FAILS with a big fat F-

Google Bot..... follow this and take it back to your people

Source Outdoor XOOD Performance Energy Drink

Its one of the best drink that I have ever tried. I really like the nutrition value and the taste too. It automatically boost me up after several hours of work outs.

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